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16 GB of Dropbox storage without subscribing!

No More Space Naggin’ from Dropbox! Dropbox is an amazing tool that over 400 million people are using world wide to “work the way they want, on any device, wherever they go.” Over 150,000 businesses are using Dropbox to streamline their digital...

New website launch for E.D.R. Design & Construction

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest website, www.localremodelingservice.com, for E.D.R. Design & Construction. This Los Angeles based remodeling company specializes in bathroom, kitchen, and home remodeling and we would recommend them to anyone...

Responsive Design Demonstration

We would like to encourage everyone to view this responsive design demonstration featuring the Cielo House. Notice how the letters and content adjust to accommodate the different resolutions it is being rendered...

How do I create an Internet favorite or bookmark?

Below is a listing of each of the major Internet browsers and how to create your own favorite or bookmark for that browser. See the below troubleshooting section for issues that may arise when bookmarking a page. Tip: All major browsers today support the Ctrl + D...

New website launch for Danielle Finch!

I made a cool little website for my awesome girlfriend, check it out! She is a really talented pet groomer with years of experience and a can do attitude. Visit her site to see her portfolio by  CLICKING...

What is a Presence?

A presence is anywhere online where your business has a  continuing profile . It may be a  business directory ,  social media profile , your  website  or  blog ,  reviews  or  deals  site or even a...

Our new website is here!

To celebrate our new move we have redesigned our website to better reflect our products and services. Our new site complies with all of the new Google changes and loads over 78% faster than our old site on both mobile and desktop devices. We have successfully reduced...

Instagram Access Token Generator made Simple

Have you tried to figure out how to get your Instagram User Id and Access Token but couldn’t figure out what all of the API mumbo jumbo meant on the directions page? We recommend using this Instagram Access Token Generator that we found to simplify the process. To get...

How to add multiple phone numbers to your iPhone or Android

For a small business owner, especially entrepreneurs, keeping track of your contacts is a daily chore. You might often find yourself asking: How do you keep different contacts from different businesses or even different locations segmented in your phone? How do you...